Photo Data Base?


As my collection of 22 packets has grown out of hand I was looking to photograph them. Can anyone recomend a data base they are using to store and sort their photos ?

I am trialing photo organiser delux, Seems more basic than delux



I heard (haven’t tried it) that you can link photos to Excel and other spread sheets, would that give you what you want?



I will look into that as it sounds like a good idea.



While I’m not computer savvy, I was able to create a “hyperlink” to a photo on my computer. The cell shows the link, clicking on it opens the photo.
This computer has “Open Office” installed, which is a program similar to MS Office (spreadsheet, word processer, etc), so I’d imagine that Excell has the same, or similar, function/capability (and you would be keeping what ever data base your already using, just adding another colume to it).

Basicly it was a simple process, paraphrased below.
Select cell
Click create hyperlink
select the photo you want to link to
click open (or apply)