PHOTOBUCKET Picture Problems

Is anyone else have a problem with Photobucket? I have been trying to post new pictures here from ones I uploaded to Photobucket 1st. When I copy the image code it does not let me “Paste” it here on the forum. Not sure if this is a Photobucket problem, my computer problem or a forum problem?


Seems to be working fine for me. I’m using “Firefox” for my browser, if that matters.

Seems to be working for me. For me, Photobucket does an automatic copy when you click on the flyout. Don’t know if that’s the same for everyone or a seeing that can be configured. Good luck.


You may need to check the security settings of your browser, especially if you have recently updated your windows software? I have had no problems with photobucket

Seems to work OK for me too.

okidoki here!!


Why the assortment of colors on the heads of your cartridges?

[quote=“Guy Hildebrand”]Gyrojet,
Why the assortment of colors on the heads of your cartridges?[/quote]

Ya… What he said!

Could be a box full of experimental 7.62 tracer cartridges??
Photobucket working okay for me :)

Guy Look at this topic at the IAA forum

(UK 7.62 NATO experimental tracers)


Thanks, Gyrojet.

I do have a tough time with the search function; a search on ‘UK 7.62 NATO experimental tracers’ yeilded 17 pages of results. I added Gyrojet as the author in the search parameters, and got it down to 10 items, from which the thread actually with the subject ‘UK 7.62 NATO experimental tracers’ was 5th from the top. Since the subject exactly matched the search term, shouldn’t it show up first in a search?

Search functions usually use something called “Boolean logic”, and see each word in a string as a separate search term. However there are a couple of “modifiers” you can use to cut down the number of results.
UK 7.62 NATO is 3 terms, and will return ALL posts that contain ANY of the 3 terms. IOW it’s an OR function, A or B or C
UK+7.62+NATO while still 3 terms, will only return those posts that contain ALL the terms (regardless of order) IOW it’s an AND function, A and B and C
"UK 7.62 NATO" (in quotes) is 1 term, and only those posts that contain that EXACT phrase will be returned

Hope that helps you some.

If you really want to get creative, a search for UK+7.62-NATO will return ALL posts that contain the terms UK and 7.62 but that don’t contain the term NATO. Why would you use this, well say your searching for British made 7.62x63 information, and don’t want to wade through all the NATO related stuff. A and B not C

Thanks. I should have known that. Works great!

Photobucket is driving me crazy! No idea why it is not working anymore for me. I sent them a e-mail for tech help. Thanks so much everyone!


Jason, point the cursor at a photo in your Photobucket, move the cursor to the last line called “IMG code” when they open at the bottom, left click on “IMG code”, it will become blue, then right click on it, a window will pop-up with the choice “copy”, left click on it, now you may go anywhere and paste it.

Vlad–You are doing a lot of extra work to get the image from Photobucket to the Forum. All you need to do is click on the image. When the drop down menu appears, put the cursor on the “IMG” code at the bottom then click CTRL-C. Go to the Forum and press CTRL-V.

Thanks SKSVLAD! I just got a e-mail back from Photobucket who wrote:


The Photobucket one-click copy functionality is not currently available on the
main ‘thumbnail’ page of your Photobucket album if you are using Adobe Flash
Version 10.

The one-click copy feature will still work on the full sized media page. To
access this page, simply click on the thumbnail, then click on the codes that
display in the Share this Image section.

To copy codes on the main page of your album, you will need to highlight them,
then use your computer’s copy functionality to copy the codes.

You may find it easier to manually copy the codes on your main page if you
have your codes set to display always rather than on mouseover only. … opicID=348


Your Photobucket Support Team

I hope it will work now for me. I have some weird torpedo pics to post :-)


I was having trouble with; could not upload some pictures. Now I’m using FileSmelt

THANK YOU APFSDS!!! Photo bucket was driving me crazy! Now I know…