Photobucket trying to lure us back


I know I am disappointed that all of my Photobucket Forum photo links went “bye-bye”

They seem to be getting the message (dropped price from $399/yr - $99/yr)…but I doubt I will buy as yet

Other’s thoughts ?


I think with the simple hacks that are out there allowing people to circumvent their 3rd-party hotlink blocking, Photobucket has experienced far less desperate hostage-held spenders at the $399 price than anticipated, to say nothing of the tidal wave of negative publicity they have suffered. My questions is - for any of the sorry lot who had already paid the $399 - wouldn’t they be outraged that they could have had the same thing basically (the 3rd party linking is all anybody wanted), for only $99 now apparently? What a mess.


Dr. Photobucket or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Anger Everyone

Ridiculous. Not to mention when you go to PB to look at a gallery or image there are at least seven popup advertisements to close and a near two-minute wait time to load.


I am done with them. No matter what they will offer. It is a matter of principle.
I am too old to screw around and care for new accounts and upload stuff again and again etc. Maybe just to find them screwinig around again in 1yrs time or so.
Let alone paying them for this…


The only reason I ever used PB to begin with was to post pictures to this forum. I don’t think I would pay any amount for the service as the heavy add content one has to suffer through should be enough.

As a side note, despite the e-mail warnings from them, for some reason my PB hosted photos still show up here. Did anyone else escape the downside of this subscription scam?



They lost trust, there are alternatives. I would not give them a nickel.


DaveE - yes, my photos always seem to show up, which I thought was a result of my having been a paying member of their $19.95 or $24.95 subscription or whatever it was from the previous year, which was supposed to run through the end of 2017, but seems to have run past Jan 1st. Oh well.


Add-ons to your browser are legal, so just in case you miss this, here are the links:


Why would it be of any use at all to have photobucket
if all one uses it for is to put pictures on this forum? You
can do that directly now.

Just wondered?

John Moss



Valid question as far as present and future posting of photos. It is not needed. I believe a lot of Forum users are disappointed that the many pictures they have posted over the years are not readily view-able. As Fede has indicated, there are some work-around options that folks may wish to explore.



Like a lot of so called “free” offerings, PB used it to lure us in, and then attempt to blackmail us.
I for one will never ever use PB again, even if they make it free. They can’t be trusted, and loosing trust will destroy businesses. Can’t happen soon enough.


I’m with John Moss - the reason so many of us used Photobucket in the past was that the prior incarnation of the forum did not support direct image uploads. Now that we can upload images to our posts, I don’t see a compelling reason to use a third-party image host.

I’ve gone through my old posts and replaced PB images with direct uploads. Unfortunately it’s not possible to edit the older threads labeled “historian”, but c’est la vie.


I always upload my pictures directly to any website forum that I am a member.

I’m fairly new to cartridge collecting and only just branching out from collecting only 303. I find it extremely disappointing when so much good information is rendered almost useless because it refers to a series of pictures that photobucket will no longer allow to be displayed.

I know it isn’t the fault of the people who posted them but I fear that there is so much good information that has essentially been lost…


I moved all my pictures from Photoshop to Imgur (free). I like it even better than what Photoshop used to be. Also those add-ons from the browsers to bypass the blocking of older Photoshop images on forums work very well.