Photographs & Drawings from a Monograph on 7x57mm Cartridge & Bladed Weapon Production at Fábrica Nacional de Toledo, Spain, 1909


The monograph is entitled La Fábrica Nacional de Toledo : construcción de armas blancas reglamentarias y cartuchería Mauser (1909). It is just over 600 pages, in digital format but not as a PDF at Biblioteca Virtual del Ministerio de defense ( To access this document copy the document title (shown above) then go to the web page , paste the title in the search box near the top right of the page, then click on “BUSCAR” i.e. SEARCH.

Production of lead wire for use in making bullet cores?

Bullet production line?

Bullet board showing the steps in the bullet making process

Punching out cartridge case blanks?

Drawing of possible faulty cartridge casings

Loading cartridges?

Drawing showing cartridge and cartridge clip components

Board showing the steps in cartridge case production

Board showing the steps of cartridge clip production

Quality control(?), test firing cartridges

Cartridge packaging, various

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Some display boards