Photos from WWII in the Pacific

This was sent to me this evening. Over a 1000 B&W interesting photos from the war. Lots of guns, tanks, planes and ships. I thought you may be interested in viewing them even though they are not strictly ammo photos, but there are many of the guns and artillery that shot them during the war in the Pacific.

Interesting about photo #24 this was taken by Robert Capa & when this exposed film was sent to LIFE magazine for developing a new guy in the darkroom screwed up & this was the only frame on the roll not damaged. The darkroom technician was (said to be*) Larry Burrows & he was also a war photographer but worked and died in 1971 in Vietnam.

  • Although after checking Wikipedia for the correct spelling of Larry Burrows last name I see that they have another technician blamed, not sure about that as I heard this story in the early 1970’s, while still in photography school.

To me it’s a shame in this listing / showing of these fine & hard earned photographs that often the credit is just given to AP & seldom to the photographer who risked life & limb to capture the moment.

Sorry not about ammunition but as a photographer, very hard not to comment.

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