Photo's lost

Hello , I understand that a lot of photos from a time before were sacrificed as to not lose the valuable history that was posted with them. My question is wouldn’t we still might have the means to replace them as they were all taken by us? Not “I” then but “us” now. I also understand some are lost forever as people do leave this shelf of life. When I search thru the past topics it makes me wonder if we can get some of these back. If some of you kind men and women can once again put the say family album together for the younguns, non-military, or just the inquisitive beginning collector that is unsure of what it looks like? I know what I am thinking but I know I probably don’t know how hard it would be.
Just a thought, thanks!

Hi Philip,

Just bump any thread you find with missing photos and I will try to fix them. Some are lost forever, but most can be fixed.



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