Photos of ammunition needed for Wikipedia

Hi Gentleman,

I am a passionate Wikipedia ( ) user and contributor and I am currently on the hunt for photos of cartridges needed for Wikipedia. I thought if anyone can help me out it is you guys!

Wikipedia is a free (free to access, free to reproduce, free to modify) encyclopedia that is written collaboratively by 10’s of 1000’s of people. It is a massive resource for firearms and ammunition information. Currently there are articles about nearly 400 different cartridges ( )

The list of cartridges that lack a photo on Wikipedia is below.

If you can provide me with a photo I will do all the work needed to get the photo(s) onto Wikipedia. The photos do not have to be “perfect”. Any will do. A common cartridge in the photo for scale is a bonus ( For example: )

The photos must be taken by you. Photos found on the internet are not allowed on Wikipedia. I do need the following text from you

“I [your name] hereby license the attached photo(s), which are my own work, under the CC Attribution-Share Alike 3.0.”

You will still retain the copyright and ownership of the image but you will be allowing people to use the image if they attribute you as the author. A simple non technical explanation of the Creative Commons 3.0 is here:

If you are willing to contribute a photo please email me the photo and the above “legal” text (I cannot use the photo otherwise). My email address is on this page:

The list of cartridges:

UPDATE: I received a photo for every cartridge on the list :) Thanks so much guys.

I will update the list and remove any cartridges if I receive a photo.

Many thanks.

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Quick Update. Pivi has provided photos for the following cartridges on the list

.25-20 Winchester
.300 H&H Magnum
.300 Remington SA Ultra Mag
.32-20 Winchester
.338 Federal
.351 Winchester Self-Loading
.425 Westley Richards
.450 Nitro Express
.470 Capstick
.32 NAA
9 x 21 mm IMI
.41 Action Express
.400 Corbon
.41 Remington Magnum
.480 Ruger
.50 GI
.17 Remington
.218 Bee
.220 Russian
.222 Remington Magnum
.224 Weatherby Magnum
6 mm PPC
.225 Winchester
.240 Apex
.244 H&H Magnum
6.5x54mm Mannlicher-Sch

Thank you Pivi for helping out.

Steve- At risk of sounding self-serving, I would urge you to add a link to the International Ammunition Association ( in as many of the above topics as possible.

Not to promote IAA as much as to provide a very useful resource that may help people wanting to learn more than can be included in a wiki entry.

Pictures of the 300 WSM,264 Winchester magnum and 225 Winchester sent.
I have other cartridges listed in Steve’s list but only as empty cases,please help him especially with the small caliber wildcats

Hi Guys,

I have seen links to on Wikipedia.

I have no personal agenda. I put a lot of my time into Wikipedia. I donate annually. Wikipedia is non-profit and has no advertisements, it is run purely by donations. All information on Wikipedia is free (free as in free beer and free as in freedom: Anyone can do with it is as they wish.).

I have no doubt Wikipedia will outlive us all and will probably exist on the internet as long as the internet exists and in printed form for much longer.

On the English version alone there are nearly 2.7 million articles which were collaboratively written by over 8 million people. And that is just the English version!

As you can see I have very passionate! I encourage you to spend some time on Wikipedia. The wealth of information is astounding!

It is not trying to compete or replace / IAA , it is just an encyclopedia trying to be the sum of all human knowledge.

Please I encourage you to contribute photos. Feel free to email or private message me if you have any concerns.

On Facebook is possible to add some link.I added the IAA link in my page with this comment “Join & Support IAA”

IAA entry on Wikipedia:


Hi, does nobody have a photo of these?

.41 Rimfire
4.6 x 30 mm

It would be great to get those onto the wiki.

There are 3 different 41 rimfires

41 Derringer short
41 long
41 Swiss aka 10.4x40R Swiss

Which one do you want? vic

[quote=“Vic”]There are 3 different 41 rimfires

41 Derringer short
41 long
41 Swiss aka 10.4x40R Swiss

Which one do you want? vic[/quote]

Ah, did not realize that. I am looking for 41 Derringer short and 41 long.


Do you still need 7-30 Waters?

If yes, what do you want me to put next to it for comparison?

Do you still need 7-30 Waters?

If yes, what do you want me to put next to it for comparison?[/quote]

I sure do! Maybe a 30-30 if you have one available? Or .308 Win., anything common.

Thanks very much :)

A big thanks for Vladimir for a photo of the 7-30 Waters.

I have removed it from the list in the original post.

Vic Trautman has provided a .41 Long and Short Rimfire Photos as well as the .19 Calhoon and .500 Whisper.

Thanks Vic!

Dean has provided photos for 4.6 x 30 mm, .17 PMC/Aguila and .17-223 cartridges. Thanks Dean :)

Edit: Also form Dean:

.25 NAA
.300 WSM
.45 S&W Schofield
.577 Tyrannosaur

Many thanks

Hi guys, I just noticed the .327 Federal Magnum Wikipedia page lacks an image. If anyone has one I would appreciate it.

Pivi helped me out with that one.

Many thanks to Simon for providing photos of

.17 CCM
.17 Hornet
.17 Mach IV
.22 Reed Express
.25-35 Winchester
.225 Winchester
.264 Winchester Magnum
.375 Whelen (.375-06)
.404 Jeffery
.458 Lott
.460 Rowland
.500 Wyoming Express