Photos of ammunition

I just stumbled across some photos of practice ammo used in Berlin. Not my field but thought I would share. I hope the link works.

Very good pictures and info, thanks!!

Very interesting pictures with significant historical content.

However, the “safety officer” in me requires that I point out the original author’s indiscriminate use of the words “practice” and “dummy.” For example, while an M12 or M15 series AT mine may be “practice” the “practise” fuze contains a healthy charge. The author pictures two M8 AP mine bodies, Practice, which are “empty” from what I can see, but he doesn’t point out that they COULD also be “live” with a healthy expelling charge inside. I understand that English may not be his primary language, but the differentation between “practice” and “inert” or “empty” carried over to the Allied nations during the Berlin Brigade’s time.


Lots of other interesting non-ammo content also on that site. Click on the Index Overview button at the bottom of the page. I was especially interested in all of the pictures of vehicle license plates used by US forces. I had a large accumulation of those at one time but sold all of them on eBay over ten years ago. Food pictures are also good.