Photo's or info on 1970s "stealth" cartridge for Stoner MGs


While this sounds nuts, please hear me out:
Back in '72 we were pulling out of Viet Nam. Members from the CIA we worked with were armed with Stoner Systems machine guns that had to be disposed of at sea. These were weapons with no ID numbers. No paper trail, etc. My ship was to “deep six” many of the weapons from this detachment. When I brought these weapons into my armory for disposal, I had a chance to talk to one of the “advisers”.
He and I talked for many hours as we headed to the PI for some R&R. While he could not talk about the missions, we did talk about the Stoner System weapons and some of the ammo they had used. For the most part nothing to write about.
He did however, talk about a “stealth” ( way before we knew the aircraft name) round in 7.62x51mm. It’s been a long time since he relayed the story to me. I think the round had to be single loaded into a rifle. I have no other info other than what I was told.
The round was supposed to have a frangible bullet jacket. The core was a coiled section of the name brand " Techmatic" razor strip. The idea was taken from the daily razor where you would turn a lever to the next day to expose a new shaving tape strip of razor. This razor tape was tightly wound around a very small spool in the razors handle.
He said the ammo was devastating to any living target.
(I was only 20 then, so I would not have known what to ask to confirm that this was not a joke.) I had to cut the weapons up and the parts were to be scattered into the Pacific.

We disposed of the weapons in 100 fathoms of ocean . The CIA members departed when we pulled into Subic Bay.
Due to security concerns, no one was permitted to talk about these fellows or what we did for them. Now I see some of these guys on the Military Channel shows.
My question is, did this ammo really exist? Are there any photo’s of this ammo? We love to tell Sea Stories in the Navy; while the idea sounds like it could have been done, did they really do it? I’ve been thinking about this for 39 years. I figure if any one would know for sure, you guys would. Thanks for any info.


An off site reply says they think it is a modification of the “Scimitar” type ammunition. All I can find is .45 ACP loaded with a double edge blade as a projectile. Still no conformation one way or the other.