PIAT Ammunition and Related Items


Can anyone provide me with information, photos, documents, details and/or specifications on ammunition, detonators or propelling cartridges for the British WWII PIAT (Projector, Infantry Anti-Tank)? This request also includes any packaging boxes, cartons, crates or transport containers associated with this ammunition. I’m doing some research on this topic and any assistance would be greatly appreciated. In the longer term I hope to compile it into something valuable for those interested in this topic.


I am familiar with the great article for the Cartridge of the Month August 2006, which can be found at: cartridgecollectors.org/cmo/cmo06aug.htm

Thank you.

Maybe this diagram of the MK1 is of help:

You may check here as well:
visualcollector.com/VisualCollec … sMines.htm

The PIAT Bomb (NOT a Rocket) was “spring driven” by the Launcher Tube. There were two “footrests” at the back of the Tube, the Soldier used his feet in these, Knees Bent, and Pulled the Launcher Tube towards him, at the same time extending his Knees to Push the base away, to load and cock the spring…it required practice and determination to do so. Easier to do Lying down than Standing up.
The Sprung Rammer also Ignited the Inner Cartridge, which gave the Bomb an extra “Push” like an auxiliary Grenade Launching Cartridge ( Hi-Lo pressure Principle).

Adequate range was classically “10 Paces” from the Target…in Burma, 1944, a Ghurka who took out several Japanese Tanks with his PIAT, replied when quizzed at his Investiture for the VC, how he did it, with such an inaccurate piece of Ordnance… He replied (Paraphrased) " Well, sir, the SubadarMajor trained us to get the best results by getting within Ten Paces of the Target, so that is What I did…"

The Bomb of course, utilised the “Shaped Charge” concept, to increase the Penetration of Thick Armour. It was very effective against Japanese Tanks, and Moderately so against the German Late War heavies.

Doc AV

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I have never examined a PIAT cartridge with a rim as shown above.

Good point, Orange. Neither have I.

Here’s a picture of a fired case. The stenciling on the loaded one is MK. 1 LOT 43-4


The August 2006 Cartridge of the Month was a Piat cartridge

There is an image of a Mark III bomb there, as well as a cutaway cartridge.