PIAT(?) mystery round


I’ve been asked to help identify this PIAT round.

The proportions look all wrong (longer and skinnier) for any PIAT round I’ve seen before, so just wondering if anyone has seen or knows anything about this round. I’ll try to get dimensions.

It has a raised ‘D’ on the one end, possibly indicating a Canadian (Dominion Arsenal/Cartridge Company) connection.






22.2mm wide x 27.8mm high

Paul - What are the dimensions please?

If it is 65mm long by 30mm diameter then it is not for the PIAT but for the Blacker Bombard 29mm Spigot Mortar.


Thanks Craig and Tony.

It is a PIAT round, but in 2 pieces (held together by tape).

Does anyone have any other examples with a raised ‘D’.


Hi Paul
I have three, although none with the raised “D”.

One has a raised “K” on the non-primer end with black print around the middle “MK I LOT 720”.

One has an impressed “D” at 9 o’clock next to the primer {Same place as MissingSomething’s above Kynoch’s sample} (can’t see any trace of printing).

One is not stamped on either end & only marked with a vary faint " ??? LOT ?73" around the middle.

We had an empty box sell in our sale 5, lot 399. Oh yeah, sale 7, lot 592 one sold with the middle-print & it was a MK 1 lot 1248 & it showed a raised “K”

hope this is of use.