Pic request 9 x 90 MEN ammunition

Hi guys, could anyone post pics of a 9 x 90 MEN round ?, thanks in advance.

There are some old images from the past version of the forum here:



Here are some just of the 9x90. There were also a few examples of steel cases made, but they are exceedingly rare.



Hi All,
What were the dimensions of the 9x90, 9x85 and 9x77 MEN cartridges?
In the link to the old forum, the 9 x 90 and 9 x 77 seem to have a larger base\rim.


I am looking for a lot more information on the 9x85 MEN. Most of the information I have come across on the internet is on THIS page. I am mostly concerned about performance. Could this cartridge hold its own against a .375 cheytac? Please let the Asperger within you out and tell me as much as possible. Remember, you are limited to 60k characters.


Take a look at an article from Tactical Shooter on the 9x90mm MEN here:
hkpro.com/index.php?option=c … &Itemid=5/
Not exactly what you wanted but it may give you some more insight on the subject.


A group photo of the .375 CheyTac, .408 CheyTac, 9x77, 9x90 and 9x85

clarkbr: here are some dimensions of the 9mm rounds.

9 x 77

Rim: 18.84mm
Head: 18.92mm
Shoulder 17.62mm
O/L length: 105mm

9 x 90

Rim: 20.21mm
Head: 20.23mm
Shoulder: 18.44
O/L length: 118mm

9 x 85

Rim: 17.54mm
Head: 17.53mm
Shoulder: 16.44mm
O/L length: 115mm

Unfortunately I don’t have any ballistic data.


Hi Paul,
would you be so kind and take the picture of 9x77 MEN and paste it here? Is this round head stamped? I was under impression that it’s also necked down 50BMG (like 9x90) but looking to your dimensions - it’s not.
Thank you

I saved a copy of the thread http://iaaforum.org/forum3/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=461 years ago so here is the text and photos from the first post of that thread (posted by Paul Smith):

To complete series of interesting sniping rounds I have pictures of, here is a selection of the 9x90, 9x85 and 9x77 rounds. The 9x90 is based on the .50 cal. case while the other two are unique.

The 9x90 has a moly coated case and the fired case was fired in gun with a fluted chamber. The loaded round is an AP loading with core inserted from the rear of the bullet. The same details apply to the 9x77’s. The 9x85 was the final iteration. There were very limited number of steel case 9x90’s made (I’ve heard 25) and each was individually numbered.

Here are the base images of the 9x77 (2 primer sizes), a 9x85 (all identical and without hs) and the 9x90 (the only round with a headstamp).

Here are 4 different projectiles. The one on the right is an AP loading with tungsten core inserted from the front. Note the ‘double diameter’ design.


Thanks a lot!
These pictures were unfortunately no longer downloadable/visible.
…means 9x77 MEN - no HS and the primer was either 5.33/5.5 or .50cal size.
Cheers Tomas

Brian - thanks for saving my old post!

Tomas - the 9x77 is, as far as I can tell, a unique case type with no parent. I have never seen this case type with a headstamp.

In the years since the original post, I’ve only been able to find a fired 9x77 case with large primer and a fired pressure test in 9x90.



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Hi Paul,
thanks a lot for provided pictures. It seems there’s no parent cartridge head dia to 9x77…it’s quite close to .50 Vickers head dimensions but body taper part is more cylindrical.
Case volume is similar to 9x85 - it seems they have tried 2 options - either longer case with smaller dia and shorter case with larger dia. (similar to later developments of Ruger Compact Magnum/Winchester Short Mag or Remington Short Action).
I can’t find much info about the action of the sniper rifle but looking to the fired cases and fluted chamber it will be the self loading action design. If anybody has some details - pls share…
During the years I have met 2 types of 8x85 round. Standard one with the TC tip and the case has “rounded shoulders”, case is primed by rounded primer same like 9x90…
Another one use the copper monolithic bullet, having sharp case shoulders and the primer is flat. If you look it carefully primer pocket of each case is different - the one with rounded primer has quite sharp edge; the one with flat primer has the taper cut of the edge). I thought it might be a reload but haven’t found any single sign of shooting - no extractor cut marks/ejector, no sign of expansion of the case few millimeters above the case head. Either who resized the case had the complete case die (push from one side and eject from the other side) otherwise I don’t know hot to do it without any sign on case.
…or different technology/tool of necking the case during manufacturing process.




Hi Tomas,

Thanks for the pictures. This ‘sharp shoulder/flat primer’ variation is new to me and I appreciate learning about it!

I don’t think that it is a reload.


I would like to thank you all, for such awesome information, now I’ll need some luck to find any of the ctgs… Thanks for sharing !!!