Pic request 9 x 90 MEN ammunition


Hi guys, could anyone post pics of a 9 x 90 MEN round ?, thanks in advance.


There are some old images from the past version of the forum here:




Here are some just of the 9x90. There were also a few examples of steel cases made, but they are exceedingly rare.



Hi All,
What were the dimensions of the 9x90, 9x85 and 9x77 MEN cartridges?
In the link to the old forum, the 9 x 90 and 9 x 77 seem to have a larger base\rim.



I am looking for a lot more information on the 9x85 MEN. Most of the information I have come across on the internet is on THIS page. I am mostly concerned about performance. Could this cartridge hold its own against a .375 cheytac? Please let the Asperger within you out and tell me as much as possible. Remember, you are limited to 60k characters.



Take a look at an article from Tactical Shooter on the 9x90mm MEN here:
hkpro.com/index.php?option=c … &Itemid=5/
Not exactly what you wanted but it may give you some more insight on the subject.



A group photo of the .375 CheyTac, .408 CheyTac, 9x77, 9x90 and 9x85

clarkbr: here are some dimensions of the 9mm rounds.

9 x 77

Rim: 18.84mm
Head: 18.92mm
Shoulder 17.62mm
O/L length: 105mm

9 x 90

Rim: 20.21mm
Head: 20.23mm
Shoulder: 18.44
O/L length: 118mm

9 x 85

Rim: 17.54mm
Head: 17.53mm
Shoulder: 16.44mm
O/L length: 115mm

Unfortunately I don’t have any ballistic data.