Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey

I went to Picattity’s garage sale today, partially hoping to bump into some experimental ammunition samples, partially because I never went there and it was a unique opportunity for me to see it. Well, garage sale it was. Families had all the baby and household stuff out in their lawns. The only ammo thing I found was a box of UCC Germany (empty box, photo 1). But I drove around their grounds and got to see what may be the oldest looking US military base, many buildings looked like from early 1900’s. I also got photos for your enjoyment of what I originally mistook for a museum (photo 2), but someone exiting this building told me that was just an administrative headquarters. So, without further ado, here it is.



Fantastic photos, SKSVLAD! Thanks for sharing them.


Great photos. The museum is long gone and much of the rare items in dead storage lost in time. Some may appear in the new ordnance museum in Virginia in the future.

Good to see you were aboard, Vlad. I was going to stop and see the yard sale, but it looked like you said, cloths and baby items. Have been working here for the last month and the weekends are workdays, so I missed the Vehicle Show two weekends back. If you went to the upper yard sale here on Picatinny, you would have passed by the initial site of the 1926 Lake Denmark Powder Depot explosion. Kind of interesting working here. Hope to wrap it up soon and go see the Bride and kids. Cheers, Bruce.

What are they doing with the old museum building ?

Dr., What building number was it? It may have been converted but they are also tearing a lot of older structures down that are not historical and pose a danger. I’ll ask around. Cheers, Bruce.

Can’t say. I was only there once. It had a parking lot which was ringed with artillery shells in front.

No such building exists anymore, certainly not one with shells in front, and I’ve been working all over this base. The only thing that comes close would be the house at the Navy Hill gate (which is closed off) which has a few 8" and maybe 12" WWI shells around it, but that is the Naval Commanders home. In his yard is a stack of 10" cannon balls, also. I’ll ask around and see where it was, but there is no longer a museum here. The ordnance went south to Aberdeen and since the Ordnance Museum moved to Ft. Lee, the remaining ordnance sat in a warehouse at Aberdeen (as of a year ago) awaiting disposition. Sorry I couldn’t help any. Bruce.