Picked this up today

44-40 Win.
Wood bullet blank.


Wouldn’t that be more of an 11.3 Gasser, or some sort of German or Eastern European black powder revolver caliber around 11mm? There’s no step in the case like a 44-40 would have. Or is it just the wrong photos as it also looks like a lead bullet and not a wood blank?

“Step” in a 44-40? Are you thinking of a bottle-necked 38-40?

Krag, it is a blank and not a wood shot load, correct?
wood bt cp
(Or a blank that can kill!)

The .44-40 cartridge does have a very slight bottleneck, not as pronounced, of course, as that of the .38-40. However, I have seen some factory loads that do not appear to have the shoulder at all. It is not critical, as the cartridge headspaces on the rim.

The wood sabots in this caliber are usually shot loads, but although I used to shoot a lot with this caliber, I only have a little tiny collection of them, and can’t say whether there were wood-sabot blanks as well.

John Moss

the primer seems not to be original. See the setting marks on it…The caliber itself was made by Lorenz, as I have several loaded rounds with lead flatnosed bullets…

I collect 44-40 Win and needed this headstamp 😁.
It is not a shot cartridge. It weighs 113 grains. My other raised Karlsruhe headstamped cartridge with lead bullet weighs 312 grains.

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