Picked up a couple accessories to display with my 16g metallic pinfire shotshells

Cartridge collector first, then everything else, right??


Very nice little “accessory” to show off the cartridges with…

Congratulation and thanks for the pictures.

Indeed a very nice way to display those pinfire cases!!

any name on it?

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Is it fit to use, are you going to use it Aaron? Looks very clean and up to it but cant see the bores!.

Yeah I definitely plan on shooting it and this

Good on ya, NICE !!!

Aaron. A very nice pistol. I also collect Pinfires. I have a rare 4 barrel under hammer Pepperbox in 9mm (not 12mm) by Casimir. I like your early cartridges too. Cheers.

Ron, I would love to see some pictures of it. It is actually a 80g (not pound based) rather than 9mm. I have never actually seen the cartridge before for it.

Read this post on this linked topic for some info on it. Also a pic of the 80g box that the cartridge that your gun would’ve shot is there. And a couple pics of my 50g (close to 12mm) version of the gun.

Picked up a lot of old caps and cap tins last week and came across this, I knew I had seen the name somewhere and found it here. Aaron, same as your barrel makers!
I am not sure of its originality but it has the age, contents appear to be felt!


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