Pics from 9x21 Geco and MFS without maker marks

Here pics from the softnosed 9x21 from Geco with nickelplated cases and their box and a box from MFS (experimental) with only a caliber sticker on the box and no makers initials in the headstamp with TC-Bullets…

As it has no maker on the ammo, it cannot be for public sale, but maybé for inhouse tests or a gun manufacturer for testfiring…The box itself has also only a clued one sticker…


Peter, very nice boxes, specially the one by MFS. Thanks for sharing.

This MFS 9x21 headstamp can be found in “Concorde” brand boxes made for Kassnar Imports, Inc., Harrisburg, Pa.



Here is a picture of four factory loads with nickeled case offered by Dynamit Nobel in 1991: