Pics request 5,45x18 PSM cartridges

Does anyone have pictures of the 5,45 x 18 PSM pistol 7N7, PSO and 7H0 (blank) variations? Thanks in advance.

I only have one in my collection and I know almost nothing about it, other than it was made in arsenal 38 (two dots on HS) and that is strongly attracts a magnet.

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DGFM - Is it pictures of the pistol, or the cartridges, that you want? The PSM Blank pistol, is, as it appears you know, a separate version only for blanks and tear gas cartridges. The Standard PSM cannot use those two cartridges (as made in Russia), as neither of those cartridge types, while having about the same over-all length as the ball ammunition 5.45 x 18, do not have a bottle neck. They will not chamber in a standard 5.45 x 18 chamber.

Please confirm which pictures you need and I will try to supply them.

John Moss

EDIT: Unfortunately, I cannot find my PSM file. Specially troubling for me since I had an original PSM manual in the file, as I recall.

I did find a picture of the Regular PSM and a Tear Gas/Blank version, side by side, but field-stripped. It was taken at a Russian Crime Lab by a friend, and was the best he could do under the circumstances. It is very dark, lacking in good detail, but clearly shows the only major visual difference between the two pistols, which is the commercial later style or wrap-around grip, with a large bulge at the bottom of the back of the grip reminiscent of a Luger Pistol. It does show that the pistol utilized a different magazine. I also found notes indicating the 5.45 x 18 Blank gun, and the tear-gas version are smooth-bore. I can post the picture if desired, but not sure if it will tell one anything.

I can also supply a picture of the two cartridges, blank and tear gas, although that might take about a week to get done. The only visual difference in the cartridges is that the tear gas round has the multi-lobe, nose crimp painted white, while the blank round’s tip is plain.

John Moss

Things fell in place quicker than I thought they would, so below are pictures of the PSM regular pistol (left) and Blank/TG Pistol (right). Below it is a picture of both types of cartridge. These are the best I can provide. Wish they were better.

5.45 x 18 Russ B&G Ctg

Measurements for the cartridges are, averaged together:

Rim: 7.64 mm
Base: 7.53 mm
Case just below shoulder: 7.48 mm
OACL: 23.81 mm
Rosebud mouth crimp with six lobes on both types.
Headstamp: to dots at the top (• • )

John Moss

5.45x18 next to 9x19

Thank you very much !!! Mayhem, John and Maxim :smiley:, BTW a question for Maxim, if the 7N7 is the steel core version, the PSO have a lead core only projectile ?, Gracias amigos !!!

So I take it that mine is the 7N7 then?

Yes, as it is the commercial cartridge.


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