Picture bigging


This may have already been discussed, but I’ve been known to miss things in the past. Anyway, couldn’t we useta enlarge posted pics by clicking on them? Is there a way? Now? Or not? Got nose prints all over my monitor and Windex ain’t cheap.



I think (ain’t no kinda 'spurt) that the old software would “shrink” the big pictures, and clicking on them would bring them back up to size. It wouldn’t “expand” a photo that was small to start with.
Sometimes people post the “thumbnail” picture instead of the real photo. I don’t think anything can be done aout that (short of invading their photo account and finding the “big piture”)


Tailgunner summed it up. The old forum would shrink big photos, this forum software doesn’t really mess with the photos. So what you see is pretty much what was uploaded.




You can always save the image and zoom in using an image viewing application or ask the posting person for a larger image. Sounds like a pain, but that’s the deal. The old software wasn’t zooming, just bring the posted image closer to its larger original size.


In current versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox you can increase the page size (both the font size and images) by holding down the Ctrl key and then hitting the + key. Similarly, Ctrl - will reduce the page size. To reset the page to the default size, hit Ctrl 0 (zero).


Good call Chip; that is true. There are also second party aps and plug-ins that would help. However, I haven’t messed around with any of them. I saw this one on the Add-ons at the Mozilla site, Image Zoom: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/139. I have not played with it, so I can not speak as to how well it works.