Picture cartridge 375 westley richards

i search pictures of this cartridge: 375 westley richards
thank for your response

No sure , but it should be the same as the 9,5 x 66 Vom Hofe

I took this info from the web.They say that there’s a single 375 WR rifle only in existence , and that the cartridge is the British version of the 9,5 mm Vom Hofe.
Note that a lot of cartridges had “double names” , such as the 9,5 x 57 Mannlicher Scxhoenauer,that became “375 Rimless NE 2 1/4”) for the English factories

thank for your response
the cartridge who can buy had headstamp: westley richards@375@

This is the same as the 9,5 x 57 mm Mannlicher-Sch

the leng of case is 66mm (the cartridge who can buy)

Thanks Fede,actually I took that info from the web.I have never heard of a 375 Westley Richards ctg.

Hi Pivi,

     In fact, you are right about the cartridge ammogun is talking about; it's the same as the 9,5 x 66 mm vom Hofe Super Express. The ORIGINAL .375 Westley Richards was the same as the 9,5 x 57 mm M-S. My mistake, sorry.