Picture on shotshell tube 6

Could somebody confirm he has in his collection
this hstp

with these pictures on the tube

I am talking about PAPER tube (not plastic)
thank you

yes JP I have one and I have a cartridge board made for G

None of my headstamps have the little mark over the "E"not even the ones marked “Paris”, also none of mine have "levres de la douille"on them.The illustration on the left I have also with “3dr”.I have yellow paper with “Canadian Skeet 9 3dr”,“Standard” and “Standard Load”.


Thank you very much Dick

About “levres de la douille” this doesn’t exist on the shotshell tube and it is only written on the manufacturing drawing to show the position of the picture regarding the mouth of the ctge.


Along with those that Dick mentions this headstamp is found on Olympic (in an oval) brand shells