Pictures already uploaded to IAA


It is my understanding that from now on the pictures will be stored in IAA server. But what about the photos before, what happens if I cancel my Photobucket, will those photos disappear or they have been preserved in IAA?


I believe, Aaron moved everything over here. So it now should be on this site & not linked anymore.
Perhaps Aaron or someone who knows more than I will verify that?


Old pictures are still wherever they were before.

You can edit old posts if you want and upload those pictures instead.

Anything new has the option to be uploaded to the forum without using an external image host.


I also want to thank the entire IAA “new software” team for making searching much easier. Now I can actually find stuff!!!


I tried it out. I deleted a Photobucket images from one of my earlier posts, and it disappeared from the current Forum. I had copied it and just pasted the image in the post on the new forum and there is was again. This is too much work to go back on all my old posts.

This is a weakness we have had since the first IAA Forum went on line. An ex-member can intentionally delete all their images, and over time the current photobucket images are bound to drop off line and disappear from the previous Forum Posts.

I wish there was some program that could be run against the old forum posts that copies the images from their source and pasts them into the same location on the post using the new Forum process. A batch program that could do this may be possible or may exist. Wish someone knew what it might be.