Pictures at the exhibition: Knob Creek Shoot 1of6

This is a really great place for people who love auto things, a lot of non-auto too. Kentucky is for lovers (of machine guns)!!!

I knew you’d enjoy it. Wish I could have made it.

For all you poor souls who have never fired a full auto weapon - there is nothing to compare it with. Not even sex. Vlad (and his kids) now know.


I paid $120 to fire 20 rounds of 50cal, but the gun jammed intermittently, and The Little Fat Guy felt bad so he let me put 120 rounds of 308’s through another tripod. I never fired full auto and also never fired 50cal and was surprised how good and stable I felt, considering a minigun firing next to me and huge hot explosions down the range. What is sex?

these pics are amazing! SLICS and this place should be held in the same place one day :-) Talk about heaven!