Pictures from the Spring 2019 Ohio Cartridge Show











Great photos & it looks like a great show! Wish I was there :-(


Make a trip over next time!

Aaron, great pictures, thanks.

I’d love to see the rest of the UMC box in the lower left of this photo.


I’m curious…was Paul Molans there???

It is only 3 driving hours more for me than Williamsport, I’ll think of it next year. Let me first get to SLICS.

Great pictures, thanks for posting Aaron.

AWESOME pictures and a great looking show! It would be cool if forums could tag people in photos. Saw some nice large bore specimens on those tables to :-) I’m no expert, but that finned grenade looks ultra rare?


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No Jonnyc that is his Dad in these photos, Paul’s much younger looking than that.

@APFSDS yeah that is a nice example of a

They were used in the American Civil War. It had a price tag of $2500

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Paul was at the show.
the finned grenade belongs to Gene Spicer. It is rare/

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Excellent quality photos Aaron!

With regard to antique ordnance & weapon values of late, it was pointed out to me that a decent percentage of the recent uptick in demand for everything from Mausers C96’s, to lowly Mosin-Nagant rifles is due to the hugely popular computer warfighting games - Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc, and the subsequent demand for the real thing which follows. So if that Ketchum grenade finds its way into a civil war version of one of these platforms (they are overdue as far as I know) then that $2,500 pricetage could double in an auction setting. It’s the old Dirty Harry effect … S&W 29.

Yes, I know Paul. I was just joking about seeing him in so many of the pics.

May I say “congratulations”?

Thanks for the info, Aaron! Really amazing artifact to see!