Pictures needed

I am looking for pictures of flare pistols used by Italian army (prior to 1945) to insert in a newspaper article on Italian flares.
Any info on the different flare pistol models would be also welcome.

Here is a variety of Allied and Axis flare guns. Some vintage WWII, a few newer, but designs originated in that era.


US Navy

US Army Air Force

Feel free to use, copy or print any of these images as you need for the article.


Awesome collection and pics Rick!


Thanks Jason.

Trivia: the orange string used to hang the Polish flare gun is from a spool for a line throwing gun, as mentioned in an earlier post.

Thanks Rick but I am looking for the Italian ones.


Sorry. Nothing Italian. Having been on the lookout for any and all flare guns over the years, I have yet to see an Italian made one. I’m guessing they were inclined to use German ones during WWII.

I don’ know if they were using German ones but they had also italian ones I am sure. At least at the beginning of the war.
I have Italian flares from before WWII so it is logical they have something to shoot them .
Thanks anyway

Please PM me or reply to this post when you find any. As you can see, flare guns are of some interest to me. I will be searching anew as well. And considering Italy’s history of gunmaking, I am sure they crafted flare guns at some point.

you collect flares ?
I made an article on italian ones. It was in IAA newspaper.

Collect may not be the right word. Fearing reprisals from forum readers, I SHOOT mine. I do save the hulls, though. I also have a few old ones that I’m scared to fire. What issue was your article?

you reload them ??? It mst not be easy to make flares !
i have no idea of the year.

Slick Rick - the article by Jean-Pierre was in IAA Journal Number 440, page 18. It is about “Four Gauge Italian Flares from WW2.” It is listed in the IAA 50-Year Index. If you don’t have a copy of this Index, you should try to get one. It turns a bunch of somewhat useless old Journals into a highly valuable ammunition reference source. Each Journal was fine, but without the wonderful index by Chris Punnett, it took so long to find anything in them, even if you knew it was there, that as they got older, they became of little use.

Life is funny !
I asked to many people in the world and found no picture.
And yesterday I found one at the flea market !
Unfortunately it is in bad condition (somebody painted it, and changed the screws).
Anyway it looks like that.
If someone has a better pistol I would be very pleasant to receive a nice picture.

All steel made except aluminium stock

Markings are :
R. Stabilimento
F. 01865M


Now that is lucky! Is it mechanically in good condition? Are flare pistols free to posess under French law?

Half lucky Falcon because it is in a too bad condition to be shown in a newspaper article !

Yes we can have flares. To use them is another question !!
For emergency at sea is OK. If not it is forbidden.


If you use a black and white photo of the gun, the bad condition will be difficult to see. No one will know how old the photo is or where you got it.

Thanks for the idea Falcon. But nice pictures would be better.

Are you allowed to collect fired cases ?
If yes, we can do like for the shotshells, if you want. I can give you a lot of cases (different lengths, colors, markings)

Yes, we can collect fired cases of anything in the UK. We are not allowed to own flare launchers unless you can prove we have a legitimate use for them such as opertaing an offshore fishing boat, and then they would only allow you to own a modern launcher. You can collect flare guns I think if you can prove they are part of a collection and have a permit. The live flares are classes as “section 1” ammunition, they can be bought by anyone with a section 1 firearms certificate as far as I know.