Pictures of boxes of 7 mm headstamp M

Hello, all. My first post here, hope it could be of help:

A couple of days ago I saw a topic started by Schneider looking for pictures of boxes of 7 mm ammo with a M as headstamp. Sorry for taking so much time answering, but finally here is the picture of the two boxes, one of 100 and one of 25

And here go another boxes, from the same period:

first: a 7,92 mm (steel core) close to a 7 mm M:

Same boxes opened:

Now, a box of 7.92 mm tracer / piercer:

And finally a box of 8 mm Lebel

I’m not an expert at ammo, but IMHO, the five boxes carry a label with the same type of letter, and the way they were sealed is almost identical. Moreover, if you look at the second picture, the multi holed piece located at the bottom is the same in the two boxes. Maybe this could indicated that all boxes are Spanish made for foreing ammo.

Anyway, the M ammo, in 7 mm, was one of the best ammo used during the war, and is still one of the most wanted to be shoot: reliable and no misfires after all those years.


Nice boxes. They all appear to be export boxes from Hirtenberger Patronen-, Z

In my opinion, neither the boxes nor the cartridges can be confused with spanish production, less with wartime production. I too believe these come from Hirtenberger Patronen. As I said in another thread, I think that the idea of the “M” cartridges been produced in Madrid (Standard El

The red colour cartridges are German PmK first model. If I see it correctly the others in the box are the 4th model PmK. Need the head stamp to be sure.


All cartridges with the red band carry as headstamp: P S* 3 37 or P S * 120 37. I was told they are incendiary bullets (

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