Pictures of civilian 9 mm PARA boxes/cartridges needed

I’d need some pictures of 9 x 19 civilian boxes and cartridges marked /headstamped “parabellum”, especially those loaded with no FMJ bullets: lead, SP, HP. Also needed pictures of military boxes/ammo marked as “luger” and not “parabellum”

I have already found pictures of civilian FMJ ammo marked as “luger”

In Italy there exists a large numeber of people (many police officers and judges too) who think that the term “parabellum” must be applied to military 9 mm ammo with FMJ bullets only, and the term “luger” must describe civilian loads only. This is obviously wrong, and those pictures can be very helpful

thanks in advance

Can you invite them to read on this forum?


There are lots of cases where commercial 9x19mm is labelled “Parabellum” and I am sending you an image of these by email (too big to post).

Military ammunition is usually marked with the military designation of the cartridge (Swedish-M39, German P08, US M882, etc.).

Police ammunition is often marked as “Luger” and I have attached some photos in a seperate email attachment. Also included is a Dominican Republic box that is purely Military which is labelled both “Luger” and “Parabellum”.

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The commercial cartridge was always called 9 mm Parabellum in Germany. Then (I think some time in the seventies) the arrogant bureaucrats at CIP thought it was time to show their importance, and decided to change its CIP Name to 9 mm Luger.

Being bound to CIP rules, the commercial name in Germany had to be changed accordingly. Before that, it was never called 9 mm Luger in Germany, as far as I can tell.

The NATO STANAG for the cartridge still uses Parabellum in its title.

P.S. My pistol permit from 1975 says “9 mm para”, and the proof mark on my my P9S says “9 Para”.

Thank you for your help