Pictures of collection

As It’s not easy to meet ammunition collectors every day to share our hobby, I decided to share it here on the forum as I believe it’s the only place where we can meet all together! Feel free to ask about informations on cartridges shown there.
Happy collecting!!
All headstamps are in the clockwise starting from 9h to 6h.


A rimmed 12.7 Russian, I’m impressed.

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I’m just lucky to took contact with the right person at the good time!

How did you label the cartridges is it just in the picture or are they actually labeled as shown?

Hello Vic,
There is no real writing on the cartridges. I added informations on the pictures with a software. In fact, all the cartridges are in plastic tubes on which informations are hand writing. Best regards. Laurent

Thanks Laurent for sharing

What a great way of ID, thanks for sharing. Regards Ozzi.

Very nice. Thanks for sharing. -Ger

Very nice collection Laurent! You have some cartridges that I have been looking for! They all appear to be in great condition!

Thank you for sharing these photos with us!


Thank you all for your replies.
Dave, like you I had been looking for some rare cartridges for more than 20 years and finally meet some great collectors who let me able to get these cartridges, I hope some of them who are on the forum will recognise. That’s the pleasure of collecting!

I agree. We do have a great community of cartridge collectors here on the IAA Forum, who are very kind and helpful in supplying additions to our ever growing collection! (Not to mention the abundance of information that is available to us, through members of the IAA!)

Kudos to all!



I collect only 7.92x33 kurz.Can you tell me the Hs of your cartridge or other Hs in your collection and also from box labels.

I am always looking for information for my book about the development and production of the 7,9mm Kurzpatrone.

Hello Norbert,
I have only one kurzpatrone, the headstamps is aux-St 39 44

Thanks Larent,
for showing the Hs.
Sorry I have in my collection.
I look for a long time for the Hs aux - St 38 44 and aux 27 44 St and fva 21 44 St ,de - St 8 45 ,aux 7.9 14 42 ,aux - St 14 45 ,oxo - St 9 44,oxo -St 4 45 ,oxo -St 5 45 but never seen until now.


Great looking collection! Tom from MN

Nice collection!

The first image with the German 1869-1918 is showing a 13mm with drawing number.
This one is from the 1930s and not related to AT rifles.

What is the headstamp on the Argentine 7.63?

Does this help?
looks like 19 P 02 M
Nice WRACo too!
Thanks, Dan

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Not sure that I understand your classification system? For Argentina, you show a.44 Model 1892 as GG 440. I would think that is French, made by Gevelot and Gaupillat.

The 7.63 x 25 Mannlicher Model 1897 (usually referred to as the 7.65 x 25 Mannlicher Model 1896) is generally credited to Polte, Werk Magdeburg.

Very nice collection, by the way. Are the cartridges actually all marked as shown in the photos, or is that something added to the photos and not actually on the cartridges themselves? It is a fabulous ID system, either way, and must be a huge amount of work.

Thanks for sharing these pictures with us.

John Moss

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Very nice collection!

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