Pictures of depleted uranium rounds

i search good pictures of 20mm,25mm and 30mm depleted uranium rounds
the pictures on google search show fake or dummy factory catridges
thank for your responses

If you just use the search term “DU” it will work better when searching Google. I searched the term “30mm DU” and found plenty of photos under the images tab, and you could do the same for 20mm DU, 25mm DU, etc… Also searching this forum using the term “DU” or just “Uranium” will provide some results. Here is the thread about .308 DU:

i search within the forum but i can’t find pictures of live rounds

There is a variety of anti-DU forces who have posted nonsense on the net. This is true of any subject.

A display at the SLICS 2009!!

An other part from this great display.

Here’s a little closer look at projectiles. The single is a bit less conspicuously adorned. I’m guessing the trio are replicas, of a sort, for trade shows and presentations. Or not.