Pictures of 'Exotic' shotshells

Hello all,

Here are some pictures of ‘in my point of view’ exotic shotshells.
They come from countries like Angola, Congo, etc. etc.

These are from Pakistan.

These are from Cartoucherie Marocaine Casablanca

Crocodile brand is Unknown
Macc is from Congo
KP55 is Kenia Police 1955 made by eley-kynoch

Left one is from Algeria and the other one is from Eritrea

Kuwait and others

left one is DPRK
Right one is Sudan made by eley-kynoch

Vayssieres is Algeria and the other one is for an unknown African Country

And last but not least some very nice ones for Angola made by IPM of Portugal

When somebody can add information about these or show other ‘exotic’ cases please do so.
regards rené

René, great posting again!
Just the 1st “Angolan” says “Algeria” in the hs.

Oops sorry.
Edited to correct my mistake.

Regards rené

René, great post, thank you very much. Number 4 to the right of the Kuwaiti is Saudi Arabian.

Hi Fede,

Again thanks for the ID!

Regards rené

Is that St. Barbara “Luanda-Portugal” now made in Portugal or in Angola (Luanda is Angola’s capitol)? The marking suggests that they would have 2 factories then no?

The orange one is headstamped BPD italy
The others are headstamped IPM portugal
And only the far right says:
Carmo &Loureiro
Sa’da bandeira

Carregados por I.P.M.

I do not anything about the St barbara in Angola

I hope this is of any help.

Regards rené


the sand-coloured between “Kuwait” and “La Gazelle” reads “Qatar”.


Hello Hans,

Thanks for the info!
Another one I can put away correct.

Regards rené

René, thanks again!
Any chance for better images of that “Carmo & Loureiro”?
In particular the hs and all markings.


Sorry for the delay, but here are some pictures of that case.

Many regards rené

PS sorry the picture is upside down.

René, thanks a lot!
So Angola loaded them for IPM of Portugal, that is great!


For as far as I know, Carregados por means loaded by.
So In my opinion it means; loaded by IPM


So In my opinion it means; loaded by IPM[/quote]
Agree, Hans

And “por” means for or?


Carrgados means loaded
Por means by.

Regards rené

René, thanks a lot for the clarification!!!