Pillar gauge

Can anyone tell me what a ‘Pillar gauge’ is - for checking cartridges?? Is it one of those cut-a-way/sectioned chamber gauges? JP-C

I’ve waited a while in hopes that someone more informed than I would reply to your question. I’ve been a reloader for about forty years and am not familiar with the term “pillar gauge.” I am aware of the gauge that you speak of, it’s what I refer to as a fixed “case length gauge.”

Many years ago, Herter’s Inc. produced a cast fixture that held a micrometer with removable “pillars” to change it form 0-1", 1-2" and 2-3" to measure cartridge case lengths. ?

I would think someone with a machinist background could be of more help.

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Thanks Joe - it’s an expression I constantly come across in older ammo documents especially 1920’s & 1930’s when great precision in ammo gauging was required. Invariably ‘Pillar’ has a captial ‘P’ so it’s named after someone or something.
Any more idea out there??
Regards John P-C


Now you got me interested! The only “Pillar” related to cartridges that I could find was the following:

Let me know what you find out.