Pima Air & Space Museum,Tuscon,AZ


Nice clean well maintained expo dominated by Cold War Era US planes. I was fascinated by Ekranoplans (sea skimmers) story (photo #5).


Great photos Vlad. Nice to see some British types like the Avro Shackleton and Fairey Gannet. The aircraft look in better condition that normal for outside storage. The hot, dry Arizona desert is ideal for them. That welded stainless aircraft is also interesting, I had never heard of anything like that before. As for the Ekranoplans, I’m sure I read online a few years ago that they were offering them for sale. Here is a website with photos of the one in your picture in a dry dock. http://igor113.livejournal.com/51213.html


That’s a great place to visist


And more, it is not so far from Bill Woodin"s Lab !!!

Every time I did visit Pima, it was as a refreshment after hours passed in Bill’s collection!

You also may visit the Davis Monthan AFB…impresive “Boneyard” as they call themselves…and the ICBM Missile Silo, a left over from Cold War times…

Tucson has many other points of interest, which would need a long stay…and combined with outstanding restaurants and a very nice weather, most of time…