Pin attachment to WWII .50 cal. Bullet on link


I picked up two WWII .50 cal. complete bullets, minus the priming caps and powder, at a flea market recently. They both have a metal link attached and both have a pin sticking out of the sides of the shells. One is headstamped " FA" frankfort Arsenal ‘42’, and the other “LC” Lake City ‘41’. I am assuming the pin was to hold down the first round of the belt in the chamber when loaded in the .50 cal. machine gun, but I am not sure. Can any one enlighten me if this is the case. I will be glad to send a picture if you furnish me with your e-mail address. Thank you for your time and help.


No pins. Not sure what you have found. Just takes links and cartridges, that is all.


Here is the cartridge he was talking about. Sure is strange. I have never seen anything like it before.


I believe the cartridges are part of a trench art picture frame or some such. The pins are to hold other parts. I have such a frame. I’ll try and capture a photo of it to post. If anyone has something more definitive please say so now, before I go out in the snow to take a photo and then wrestle with Photobucket to upload it.



I suspect that if anybody could post such a picture they’d rather keep quiet until after you’d struggled out into the snow…and then post the picture!
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Too cold outside and Photobucket is really slow today so this is the best you’ll get from me.

On the left, the frame is held by screws through the 50BMG. On right, two Cal 50 bullets thru the case hold the frame.



I see your point Ray. The picture on the right does seem to have the same setup with the .50 cals as the two I have. Only difference is that there is a second cartridge held in place with a link on each side, probably for stability. It probably was part of a frame. That answers my question about it looking to good to be just soldier art. These was probably manufactured in large quantities. I imagine those were quite popular during and directly after the war. Thanks for your help. Sorry you had to trudge out in the snow. It’s snowing and cold here in Pa. also, so I know how hard it is to get dressed and go outside when you don’t have to.

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I know the answer but I’ll let everybody think about it for a while. And you’re walking on thin ice, aren’t you?



I, like Ray, also can guess at the answer…definitely thin ice…probably not the same answer for…how many sailors does it take to swab a deck ?..This only applies to deck apes and GM’s, as the closest snipes come to a swab is a bunch of rags to swab the engines…