Pin fire cartridges Help

found this in a box of mix cartridges. Would any one have some info on them & how do you measure a pin fire cartridge to find out what size it is . Cant even find info if they are a collectable & any value. And also another small if it is a cartridge has a little bump on the end.
Thanks for any info .


The cartridge with the “bump” is a .32 cal. teat fire , round teat. For the Moore teat fire revolver. was a front loaded cylinder to get around the Rollin White patent owned by S&W. quite common. Can’t help with the pin fires.

Pin Fires for revolvers are commonly found in 2, 5, 7, 9 & 12 mm. From the 7’s on two of them you have it looks like you have two 7mm’s. The other looks to be a 9mm but you can measure the body or the bullet to give a ballpark ID. As to value the shot load 5-10 the Eley ball a little less 3-8 & the 9 which looks to be US made BUT I could well be wrong 2-5. The Eley shotshells being brown paper (cheapest grade so most common) 3-5 each.

Thanks you all this a great help. If you don’t mine here is a few more from this box . I have no idea what they are & if they have any value. I know in the red box was told they are 38 long & have no head stamp

I put a few more pics up on other cartridges that was in this box. Some look like they wore kick around ??

The great lot of bags you show appear to have the contents names on them, so problem solved on that part.

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The ones that look like they were "kicked around "are Boxer rolled brass cases: .577 Snider (also used in the 577/450 Martini Henry) blanks and Snider ball rounds. The case walls are thin & easy to dent. Finding one without a dent is a VERY hard thing to do.

OK great thanks for that info… I’ve learnt in the past that the name on the bag is not all ways what is in the bag. but I’m learning.