Pin Fire Caseing ID

Metal detecting an old wagon trail near Santa Fe NM. I find lots of old metal dating back to the Conquistadors. I’d like to find out the makers name and aprox. date of caseing. It’s shell reads .56 Cal. Does the H stand for Winchester? Thanks

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It is a Winchester made case, probably a .56 Spencer. And it’s a rimfire, not a pinfire. You may be able to make out a firing pin strike on the edge of the base; the Spencer firing pin leaves a straight line depression at a right angle to center of the base.

Is the hole seen in your photo the only one in the case? I can’t date the raised H in the circular depression, but something like early 1870s to maybe 1880. Jack

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Yes the “H” notes made by Winchester. I doubt is is a pinfire as none are known to have been made by Winchester. More likely it’s a Spencer with a hole in the case.

I see Jack beat me to the answer.

Ok, Thanks guys. I also have info from TN (Treasurenet), That the H is a tribute from Winchester to Tyler Henry, inventor of Henry rifle. Pretty old, no doubt.


Found a Picture, Says .44 Henry Flat

The hole in the shell may have been put in by a Indian, and used on a necklace…