Pin Fire ID help Needed

As you can see from photos the base of this cartridge has been damaged. What I think I can make out is the following. looks like a hot air balloon with a moustache under it and below that the top of and partial left side of a G or C and to the right of that the top of and partial left side of an F. OAL: .874, CL: .545, Base: .305, Lip: .31 and Bullet: fire 1 -1 pin fire 3 - 1

Your photo was very dark on my screen here it is a little lighter.

Thanks Pete I tried to lighten it up but couldnt get it any better. One thing I forgot is that it is a raised HS

Looks like the Georg Egestorff maybe?

See here:

I agree with Aaron, it looks like Egestorff’s GE with the anchor in the middle.

Thanks everyone