Pin fire ID help

Hi all

I need help to identify some pin fire cartridges (manufactured - country), lets start with this: it is a 7mm Lefaucheux

I really appreciate any help.

Hola Daniel, it was made by Durlacher Zündhütchen und Patronen-Fabrik G.m.b.H., Durlach, Germany. Saludos, Fede.

Mil gracias Fede. It is a common unit?

As I mentioned there are more units that I need help. In this case these are Argentinan pin fires. At least the first two units are Argentinan (both are 9mm pin fire), but it was not possible for me to get more information on the unit on the right (12mm Pin Fire)



The bird is made by Sociedad Anonima Spreafico of Buenos Ayres, Argentina. It was made for Carlos Rossetti, a renowned early gun manufacturer also in Buenos Ayres.

The next one is by or for Bertonnet & Gobert of Buenos Ayres, Argentina. This was a gunmaker with a shop at 50 San Martín Street across from the Metropolitan Cathedral.

The last one is is by Dellazoppa, which was yet again a gun maker in Argintina and other places. This one I do not have in my collection. =(

Also, Dellazoppa is talked more about here: Dellazoppa

And the other two are talked about here: South American Pinfire Cartridges

Hi Aaron, I appreciate you help. If I come accros with another of this I will send it to you.

This is a picture of two (9 & 12mm) of Dellazoppa pin fire: … d2933o.jpg

Now I need help with other unit that also I was not possible to find information: … 3b4d9o.jpg

Thanks in advance

Daniel, this cartridge was made by SCB of Belgium for Ferdinand Esser & Co. of Elberfeld, Germany. Un saludo grande, Fede.

Gracias Fede

So these two cartridge were manufactured by the same manufacturer? … e7c3ao.jpg

Very interesting information.


Hi all, I have more units that need help in order to identify it.

Any help with the units: … 41307o.jpg

Thanks for the help!


Without seeing the whole cartridge I can not say for sure on some of these,

but top left I believe is probably SFM
top right not sure
bottom left is maybe sfm or Leon Beaux has a similar hs too (could definitely rule out Leon Beaux from a picture of the cartridge)
bottom right is definitely by RWS

Thanks Aaron

These are better pictures:

  1. … 37b26o.jpg

Probably SFM?

  1. … ecdf1o.jpg

  2. … b38f3o.jpg

  3. … ddb4eo.jpg


I appreciate any help