Pin fire identification


You has info on this Pin Fire shotshell?


I know very little about this type of ammunition, but the symbol on the back looks very similiar to that of the international symbol for biohazard? Just a guess.


I think a pinfire would’ve pre-dated the introduction of the “biohazard” symbol, but are there any markings on the side of the shell, or the top-wad?


Yeah, that makes allot of sence. I am sure that round predates the biohazzard symbol. It sure looks close :-)


I think the only “Bio-Hazard” this round poses is to any rabbit or bird that gets in front of it when discharged.


FRENCH manufacture
Gevelot a company in the town of Paris, France
see page S-1-3.10 in Stiftzuender-Schrot-Patronen by Manfred Zwecker


Thanks Pete !


I have found the customer.
They were made for Ducasse gunsmith in Bordeaux.
The sign is the symbol of Bordeaux city.


Excellent & good work!


Great Investigation work!!