Pin fires worth anything

i have a revolver and some 11mm ammo for it.
not in the best shape but it has family history from the civil war.
my grandfather said his grandfather used it during the civil war.
eneded up being buried for a short time because he didnt want to have it confiscated after the war.
no documentation just word of mouth from generation to generation.
im sure i’ll keep it,but i had one person offer me 300 for it which i thought was low.

The story sounds quite plausible, and a number of 11mm pinfire revolvers were indeed purchased and issued to Union troops, mostly cavalry units from the Kansas or Missouri or midwest.

Value of the gun depends on condition, but these tend not to bring a lot of money as few people appreciate their military use, and they were foreign made, unlike the Colts and Remingtons popular with collectors. I think the offer was probably on the low side of what I see these selling for in low average condition. The ammo is worth a little bit (more if it has the boxes) and together with the story makes it a bit more interesting and valuable to some collectors.

I am sure that Aaron, our pinfire expert will be along shortly and want to see photos, and I think his evaluation will be much better than mine.


The condition will heavily influence the value of the gun. If the family history of it is important to you then the sentimental value will probably be worth much more.

Same for the cartridges.

If you could get some pictures of the cartridges and gun I could give you more information on them. For the gun find the serial number and / or any proof marks on it as well.