Pin Grabber spin-off?

My Journal came yesterday and George Kass’ article on Kaswer Custom, Inc, the Pin Grabber bullet, caught my attention. I have 2 similar cartridges so I went to check.

My 2 are loaded in S&W cases and the bullets, weighing 200gr in 45ACP, have the jacket coming all the way to the lip of the hollow cavity (JHP) and there are only 6 teeth, not 7. There is also a wide but shallow cannelure just under the shoulder

Are these simply spin-offs loaded by S&W or did Kaswer land a contract to provide these, perhaps improved, bullets to S&W?

I’ve got a few Grabbers, and only one of them is a verified Kawser “Pin Grabber” as far as I know. They all have 6 teeth, and the the other 2 are experimental or unknown to me.
The one on the left below is the “Pin Grabber” in .40S&W, the middle one is a “Bone Grabber” in .45acp which has semi-jacketed teeth and some sort of pre-fragmented mix or something sealed into the core with red resin, and the third one is a “Turbo Grabber” in .45acp which has a polymer nose which is more like hard plastic, and not semi-rigid resin (It could be a Lego toy part for all I know?). Anybody ever see the other Grabber types much?

I recall hearing that kaswer also marketed some of these as self-defence ammunition, under the catchy name of “Felon Grabber”, but the only two types I’ve ever seen were the ones where an exposed portion of the lead nose was swaged into the “sawtooth” pattern, and those which looked like a standard JHP had been swaged in the same manner.