Piney Mtn fire - do not buy tracers from d.a.y. Distributing

Just wanted to post a warning that the d.a.y. distributor website - the primary distributor for Piney Mountain tracers is in limbo after a death, and an arrest. This comes incidentally on the heels of the Piney Mountain factory near Cleveland having had a fire which destroyed the operation in late January and injured the owners there who will not rebuild. Piney mountain tracers are apparently a limited commodity now. I had purchased a large number of the 9mm tracers from the d.a.y. website a few days ago, and was just notified today that the site is in limbo, though my credit card did process through - I will likely have to do a fraud alert to cancel it. The d.a.y. site lists the .22lr tracers as out of stock, but still allows people to add 9mm tracers to cart and make a purchase - do NOT do this.

Had anyone heard about the Piney mountain fire? I only looked for it just now after the person trying to clean up the d.a.y. mess had told me, and I found the story here -

Whoa! Thanks for the heads up, I was thinking about getting some more tracers.


Yeah, its too bad, Piney Mountain was the only source of consistent supply for new .22 tracers. There is stil some stock on a few retail sites like UNAMMO, but those will dry up soon. Although at least SBR in Georgia perpetuates the notion of getting their 22lr tracers into retail distribution… as they have for 4 years now.

Thanks for the heads up… Ordered 1k

Just to clear up a few things. D.A.Y. Distributing is David A. Young. He used to get tidbits from Cary and Linda George the owners of Piney Mountain Ammunition Co. (PMAC). Never a primary distributor. Same as J&G sales and Cabela’s got a few bones because they griped so much over time. The primary distributor with a standing order for any and all 9mm and .22LR tracer was since 2013 United Nation Ammo Company (UNAC). How do I know. The owner of UNAC is a close and personal friend and shooting buddy of mine. I have test samples from Piney Mountain Ammunition Co. and signed letters to confirm such I guarantee no one else has. UNAC initiated the 9mm tracer PMAC started developing 7 years ago, supplying test components and the testing, in which I was all privy to. Cary’s wife Linda had worked for SBR some time back as they were trying to perfect there .22LR tracer, but SBR failed to do so. Cary figured it all out and PMAC took off. I know exactly what went wrong the day things went south, but cannot divulge on the open net. All I will say is it has to do with Mother Nature. Cary is recovering, but he has 2nd degree burns on 40% of his body. One other unrelated employee was also burned trying to help Cary escape.

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Also, UNAC has some of the tracer left, but not going to last out the year. They just sold a whole pallet to a fellow taking it to a local MG shoot happening soon. Get it while you can. PMAC is not going to be making it any more and that is straight from the horses mouth. The primary problem with .22LR tracers I have been privy to for some time is the igniter compound. It is a little different than normal and very tedious to mix.

Thanks for the info. My basis for calling d.a.y. the primary distributor was their boasting at some point on the website, and in emails. The one you mention - David was reported to have died by the person who emailed me about my failed order, and she also reported that his son Barratt, who had been trying to carry on, had become indefinitely unavailable…, hence my order to d.a.y. being in limbo.

Dave has passed away, correct. Barrett will most likely not be carrying on the business of assembling components and distributing.

I scrounged up a business card I had for D.A.Y., and like I remembered, it sort of makes it look like they operated or controlled Piney Mountain, which is also how their Facebook page used to present. The Facebook page is taken down now, and the two phone numbers on the card are also disconnected. Too bad that the site will continue to allow people to pump money into buying 9mm tracers through the checkout though. Hopefully David’s widow Audrey can get it down - she said she was trying to.

It looks like still has some of the 9mm and 22 tracer ammo available. I just placed an order after they confirmed availability in an email.



CDVS (Bob and Sean) buy it from UNAC as UNAC basically holds the right to it. We have no more left at UNAC, I checked today. There will not be any more made, even made by another vendor. It was a slow seller anyways.
Lew, are you sure you don’t already have a red and green box of each in 9mm? I sent it to either you or John. Also there was the original labeled prototype box with a couple of prototype rounds left in it. One was a nickeled case I recall headstamped FC PROOF. UNAC bought some mixed discount 9mm brass from Federal and part of it was proof brass that we received. I looked and I do not have them any more. Either you or John, no one else would have gotten them.

Here are some of the different .22LR lots produced by PMAC for UNAC from 2013 till recently. Yes box style looks pretty much the same on the front. Some of the flaps open differently. Lot numbers were all hand rubber stamped on the flaps. Sometimes UNAC supplied the host ammunition and sometimes not. Most ammunition used was CCI. Between July and August of 2014 UNAC supplied PMAC with 72,000 rounds of Colt Aguila .22LR host ammunition. Yes, they had the Rampant Colt headstamp. No I have no duplicates left. It was a mix of red and green tracer. That lot sold out by the end of the year. Like I said previously, people will buy a whole pallet and then I suppose resell it.

Here is the UNAC supplied Colt Aguila .22LR host ammunition boxes. Notice the lot numbers are the same, as it was one combine 72,000 round lot of red and green.

This thread makes me want to buy another couple thousand rounds.

I don’t have either box, or the proof box. I will contact John and see if he may have a prototype round left!


Joe and Lew - if I am the “John” referred to, I never received shipment of
the boxes in question - I assume they are tracers - nor if offered, could I have accepted
them, living in California. I don’t know anything about any prototype tracers from anybody,
as I had no such rounds in my collection when conditions in California made it totally
impracticable to retain my Destructive Device Label, or continue collecting tracers, etc.
That was one of the reasons I got rid of my 7.9 collection - once all the tracers were removed
from my collection to out of state, the collection, especially Polte, was absolutely gutted and
actually painful for me to even look at it. I had to remove well over 2,000 rounds from my
collection of 7.9 alone. I came very close to throwing in the towel on cartridge collecting

John M.


Yes, correct, you could not have received them. You don’t even have an empty box of Piney Mountain 9mm?

I think I know who got them. Gary M. I will email him and ask.


He did not get them either, but he wishes he did. Oh my o my. I am too young to be senile…


The prototype box and rounds are what is really interesting. If you find them, Please post the information. Since I am already Senile, if I find them I will do the same. Having said that, the tracer boxes I ordered don’t look like anything I have seen before and I looked through the boxes waiting to be entered in my collection and they are not there!

Gary, I will put a set away for you.


Brian showed me where some time back I had them in quantity on my shooting ammo for sale list I put on the net in various places. And I do not have one box left now.

I am suddenly seeing Piney Mountain .22 tracers showing up at a few places online in quantity, suggesting that either a very large cache has been gotten into, or that they are producing again? I see that on the old original Piney Mountain website, it claims they are “Made in Texas”, whereas they were originally out of Georgia, and an outfit called “Kosher Surplus” out of Texas seems to have distributor-level quantities of it. The prices are still up fairly high as if to take advantage of the seller’s market that came about after Piney Mountain in Georgia burned down.

Yes, Houston Texas.

Sebastian is his name and He is Korean American and a really good guy. SOT etc. and well known on the class 3 circuit.

His number one Distributor is Ben from Kosher Surplus, also in Texas and he is also the biggest distributor for Happy Valley tracer.