Pinfire cartridge with "CS" headstamp

Does anyone have information about a 7 mm pinfire cartridge headstamped “CS”?

Fede was it an interlocking CS like that if Cartoucherie Stephanoise? or just a plain CS?

Curtis, just a plain “CS” I have not seen before. I’ll try to get a picture.



Cartucce A. Spillo , (CS) early Fiocchi ? Not sure. Aaron Newcomer should know.

Here are the pictures:

1 1a

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Is this excavated? If so, where?

Can I see a picture of the inside? Can I have the case measurements?

Aaron, no, it is not excavated; I found it the other day in my country in a box of pinfires with different headstamps. Total length is 20.28 mm, case length is 13.70 mm and head diameter 7.81 mm. Case is made of copper and pin is made of brass.