Pinfire Cartridges

Hi folks,

Today i got these 6 pinfire cartridges.
Because it’s not my collecting area, i hope you can help me to identify them?
Tell me as much you know about it.

Many thanks and the best wishes from Switzerland,


GE with an anchor in the center is G. Egerstorff (Linden, Germany).
GJ could be Societe Francaise des Munitions
BB is most likely Braun & Bloem, Dusseldorf

The raised 9 is harder to pin down.

@Strelok Thank You!:)

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I tagged Aaron Newcomer as he is the supreme expert for pinfires. He might be able to shed more light. I’d love to find some like yours!

  1. Georg Egestorff
  2. Braun & Bloem
  3. Braun & Bloem
  4. RWS
  5. Walbinger, Meuschel & Co.
  6. Georg Egestorff
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@Aaron, Thank you!

What are the first three Cartridges? Blanks? Or something else?