Pinfire Fireworks!


I had always thought that these cartridges were more like signal flares, but they are actually for shooting fireworks at a party!

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[quote]A Cartridge Loaded With Fireworks

These cartridges fire fireworks and do not cause any recoil so they can be safely used by ladies and children.
These cartridges must be fired into the air where they rise 200 meters.
At this height the Flares explode into Firecrackers producing a very loud bang, the shower of stars are produced by a small explosion and are divided into a number of star-shapes in multiple colors falling like a parachute producing the most beautiful effect.
These cartridges allow fireworks to be shot by anyone with a cane gun, a revolver, a rifle or shotgun to offer his friends or guests, and this cheap distraction is very original and enjoyable providing the illusion of fireworks.[/quote]


You may find interesting this excerpt from SFM 1912 catalog:


nice cartridges
i not collect pinfire ,but i would find thesethese


Here is the page I used, also showing other fireworks cartridges from 1895:


And here is a 12mm pinfire flare/fireworks:

Anyone have a catalog with this one in it??