Pinfire ID please


Hi Everybody,

Can anybody tell me something about the following headstamp??

anything is welcome.

regards rené


Hi Rene,

Nice Head Stamp, but not one I know, sorry I have nothing to help you with.



Hi Rene,
very nice PF, never seen before
regards Lars

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Hello René,

I have been trying to research this pinfire for you since you made the post this morning, and I have come up with no information thus far… Is was made in Paris, and is a 16 bore/gauge… But other than the obvious features of the cartridge, I have found zero.

Beautiful stamp tho!



René, very nice headstamp, it was made by Chaudun. Regards, Fede.


Hi all,
thanks for the postings.
I received this picture today, it is from a lot of pin fire cases I bought some time ago without knowing what was inside.
And this was the big surprise.
It really made my day.

In the meantime I also found out it is a Chaudun manufacture, they made similar headstamps with a rooster on it.
But how old can this beauty be??

btw Fede, thanks again!!


Chaudun 1880