Pinfire ID

anybody can tell me something about this (not in well condition) pinfire case? 16 with stars around. Found on old Prussian territory.


Looks like the brass head of a 16gauge shotshell (paper body rotted away).Age? Anytime from
1850s to 1920s.
Maker? Only the specialised Pinfire
Shotshell collectors could give some sort of ID…a lot of Pinfire Shot Shells had maker’s ID on the paper walls, with the gauge number on the head, or nothing at all.
Over to the Pinfire RKI’s.

Doc AV

The manufacturer is Bachmann, Bruxelles, Belgium.

Thank you guys!

Fede, how in the world did you know that ???

These are all Bachmann cases.

These are the ones made, by.Bachmann

Thank you. Bill

Wow! I’m impressed with your knowledge!