Pinfire to cap and ball cartridge conversions?

There are references and a few images of cartridges with percussion nipples sticking out the side which were used to convert LeFaucheux and LeFaucheux type pinfire revolvers to cap and ball, these cartridges are called “stovepipes.” The literature states that stovepipes were used during the American Civil War when supplies of pin fire cartridges ran out. One example I have seen in a picture appears to have been turned on a lathe from steel or iron. But there is reference to other forms of construction. Does anyone know of the other forms of construction? Is there any documentation of who made them?

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Aaron Newcomer wrote an article touching on this subject in IAA Journal #497 May-June 2014, page 52.

Here is the majority of the content that was in the article: … n-adapters

Many thanks Aaron. That was an excellent article.

Are any confirmed civil war era American made cap and ball adapters known?

Are there any of alternative construction such as made of brass or soldered sheet metal known?

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