I would like to find 2 or 3, 12mm pinfire cartridges for my husbands civil war collection. Would anyone know what h/s I should look for that would be from that time period.



The American made ones in the civil war mostly had no headstamp. UMC headstamped some pinfires with “U” but they were not produced until after the war.

If you see in this picture, the 3rd and 4th from the left have a slightly longer case than the short ones to the left, and a shorter case that the long one on the right. These were typical of the US pinfire cartridges made in any significant quantity during the war. Those two specific examples are by Ethan Allen, and C.D.Leet(who was the only manufacture in the US to make a significant amount of them during the war)

The rest (millions) were imported from other countries. Chris C. Curtis’ 2nd book about pinfire arms (which has really the only detailed information about the pinfires in the civil war) lists some of the purchases both sides made.

Ones with these more common headstamps would have been easily used, along with many others.