Pinfires & the Civil War: A Timeline


I added a new article to my website which clearly lays out US manufacture of Pinfire cartridges for the Civil War. There is a lot of misinformation on who made cartridges and who contracted with whom and the shear extent of their use. This article uses information that is available in a variety of sources, as well as a couple new documents from the National Archive that have never been published, and gives a good overview. is a link to the actual article too. Also on my site is a couple other interesting articles. There will be a couple really big updates to the site’s design and content in the next month or so too so feel free to continuing checking out!

Here is a copy of the article. It may take a few seconds to load if on a slow connection:

Feel free to add any input and offer additional incite anyplace you may think I am off track too!



Very nice. I am very impressed with the additions you make to the hobby. In this day and age, young blood with true interest in the related subjects is way too hard to find. Please keep at it.



don’t you mean the final order was in 1863


Nice catch! Yes definitely 1863 rather than 1963. =) Fixed and edited another copy mistake I found too.