Hi guys
Dug these up on the beach in Blackpool UK
Can anyone I.D. These pinfire makes please !
Will the still be live after being in the sea for many years ? Eley 7 on them

image|690x920 !

No photo but if they say ELEY 7 on them Eley (of London) made them.

No idea about live or not but doubtfull if in the sea for many years

Image below text

When you say Blackpool do you mean the actual beach or are you referring to the general area?
They look in quite good condition and I doubt have been in the sea/sand for very long. Yes they do appear to be live or shall I say loaded.

Does the head look like this?


Sorry the picture is a bit blurry.


yes off the beach , they will have been there for many many years

Hard to imagine them in that good of condition being in salt water

Possibly some citizen fearful of his house blowing up, or being raided by the police for harboring explosive materials merely dumped them on the beach shortly before being discovered.
There are no signs of sand abrasion, nor the usual verdigris (green crud corrosion) which comes quickly from salt water exposure.

They wer in 2 very different parts of the beach probably 2 miles away .
I have seen shells come off there fired in the same condition . Things sink in Blackpool hit the clay / black sand line and don’t move .
These will certainly have been there since they were dropped late 1800s ?