Pink shotgun shells

Then click on the ammo link and scroll down.


Here is the pic from the site:

By buying these shells you support the fight against br**st cancer. One of the better marketing/promotion/charity ideas of late. Pops up in all sorts of product ranges. Federal has been accused of “pinkwashing” by associating their product with the cause, but that is silly imho.

Federal has also produced a three color set of 12 ga. shells with part of the proceeds going to support the “Wounded Warriors Foundation”. These three shell are colored red, white and blue. As is shown on the box supporting breast cancer awareness with the pink ribbon on the box front, the wounded warriors box has the ribbon in red, white and blue.

NICE! Have not seen those yet!

Steve … d=446&us=1

In the last week alone I have shot 15 boxes of the pink “top Gun” target loads and have 2- 10 box flats of the red, white and blue standing by to break (hopefully) some clays. They are sold by Walmart and Dick’s in this area for $48US / 10 box flat. Less expensive than reloading. The waste cans at the local clubs are full of the empties.

Nice job Steve… a shotgun shell post! I should be almost to St Louis by now… but I am not. This helps cheer me up!
I picked up one of the pink shells last year at SLICS. Someone always seem to have a box of current production oddities at SLICS each year and it’s smart. Beats buying a box for just one shell. Guess I will have to wait until next year to get the Red White and Blue ones. If anyone wanted to save me one of those nice boxes they come in, I wouldn’t turn my nose up at them.
Happy SLICS week all… pardon me while I get another hankie!!